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We are a newly-recreated, friendly, and welcoming community mixed together by all wolf lovers and role-players. We are a free and teen-friendly site, open to ages 12+. 
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Land Of The Wolf is now looking for Members!
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Which side will you choose? A war is coming, will you stand and fight? Or will you stay a lone wolf or rouge and let the pack-wolves meet their fate?

Land Of The Wolf, AKA Wolf Island has now entered spring! We are looking for members and role-play is happening around each pack.

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Season / Weather

| J U L Y - A U G U S T |

Year:1|Dawn|2 MPH winds
All the snow is gone, spring is almost over and summer is nearly here. The hot air has brung thunder storms to the area. Watch out for floods, and forest fires. There is no breeding but off-spring are still being born.

Pack News

| P A C K - N E W S |

A young pup named Sebastian is in trouble! Will Trance or Kayden reach him in time before the fox attacks him?

Welcome the new Kahu's pups; SeaBreeze, Infinity, and Faith!

Alias has discovered Kol! His missing brother, and looks like Lithium and Alias are crushing on each other. c;

Gemini has found a lone wolf Nakali who is looking to join.

Sirese has discovered Silver.

A new kahu has taken charge of these lands, Katana is looking for new wolves to join her pack.

They are quiet as usual.

They are watching over us carefully.


| S I T E - O T M ' S |



Land Of The Wolf

Land Of The Wolf

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Land Of The Wolf Land Of The Wolf
Land Of The Wolf Land Of The Wolf

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    Katana's Bio


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    Katana's Bio

    Post by Katana on Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:51 pm


    Big ; Strong ; Nice

    Keep you in the dark, you know they all... pretend~

    nickname(s) ;; Kat, ana, etc.
    age ;; 3 years
    gender ;; Female
    description ;; Katana is an very large female with shaggy fur and large canines, she has pink scars all around her body where her hair refuses to grow. Her claws are wickedly sharp and her eyes are an bright yellow. Her pelt is an ginger color.
    physical problems;; none
    disability;; none
    mental?;; Talks to herself, thats it.
    wanted rank ;; Alpha
    rank;; Alpha
    expecting(?);; No!
    Keep you in the dark, and so it all... began~

    personality ;; Despite Katana's war driven body, she is an actually an kind spirit. She likes to laugh and crack jokes, but she can get enraged easily. She can hold very long grudges. Despite her nice nature, she hates pups and every moment she's even near them. She gets jealous easily, and hates looking at couples.
    weaknesses ;; Holds too many grudges, gets angry too easy, and can make others angry.
    strengths ;; Fighting, patience, making jokes
    talents ;; mehhh
    habits ;; Talking to herself
    history ;; Katana was born in late spring, all the trees had already had all of their leaves and the flowers were in full bloom. Her parents did not reflect spring. They killed her siblings, and they kept her alive because she was the strongest. They tortured her, tried to drown her, did everything they could to punish her for existing. Weak and depressed, Katana managed to escape from her ruthless parents. But her pain didn't end there, she still had to fend for herself, and make sure no other wolves try to kill her. She also had to learn to hunt for herself. Coming into lands lush with prey, she though it was time to claim territory as her own.
    crushes ;; Who would like an beast like her?
    mate ;; None
    family ;; Father:
    Send in your skeletons! sing as their bones go marching in... again~

    pack;; Evergreen forest pack
    type;; Dire wolf
    loner?;; nope
    rouge?;; nope
    They need you buried deep, the secrets that you keep are ever, ready... Are you ready?~


    theme song;; Foo fighters - The pretender
    motto(s);; "The beast inside is always within, that is, until you bleed"
    pictures;; Avatar

    OoC| I found LotW by the old LotW
    The secret password is new breed

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    Re: Katana's Bio

    Post by Gemini on Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:14 pm

    Now that you have been approved, here are a few links that might help you out.
    Niu Moku Shop | Activity Checks | EFA Role-Play Events & Plots | Art Center | Member Art Shops | Guides | Info | Maintenance

    I hope you'll have fun here!

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