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We are a newly-recreated, friendly, and welcoming community mixed together by all wolf lovers and role-players. We are a free and teen-friendly site, open to ages 12+. 
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Land Of The Wolf is now looking for Members!
~LotW Staff
Please do not steal our work! Have fun!

Which side will you choose? A war is coming, will you stand and fight? Or will you stay a lone wolf or rouge and let the pack-wolves meet their fate?

Land Of The Wolf, AKA Wolf Island has now entered spring! We are looking for members and role-play is happening around each pack.

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Season / Weather

| J U L Y - A U G U S T |

Year:1|Dawn|2 MPH winds
All the snow is gone, spring is almost over and summer is nearly here. The hot air has brung thunder storms to the area. Watch out for floods, and forest fires. There is no breeding but off-spring are still being born.

Pack News

| P A C K - N E W S |

A young pup named Sebastian is in trouble! Will Trance or Kayden reach him in time before the fox attacks him?

Welcome the new Kahu's pups; SeaBreeze, Infinity, and Faith!

Alias has discovered Kol! His missing brother, and looks like Lithium and Alias are crushing on each other. c;

Gemini has found a lone wolf Nakali who is looking to join.

Sirese has discovered Silver.

A new kahu has taken charge of these lands, Katana is looking for new wolves to join her pack.

They are quiet as usual.

They are watching over us carefully.


| S I T E - O T M ' S |



Land Of The Wolf

Land Of The Wolf

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White Wolf Mountain Tooth & Nail
Land Of The Wolf Land Of The Wolf
Land Of The Wolf Land Of The Wolf

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    ♈ Aries {WIP}


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    ♈ Aries {WIP}

    Post by Aries on Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:12 pm

    ♈ ARIES ♈


       Independent ; Short-Tempered ; Fierce.

       Stand up stand up, what are you waiting for.
    This is everything you wanted.

    Get up listen up, I got something to say.
    You said you’d make it anyway~


    Nickname(s) ;; None.
       Age ;; 4½ years old.
       Birthday;; 5th of April.
       Gender ;; Male.
       Description ;; Aries is a large, muscular male, with narrow fire coloured eyes, and long, spiky snow tinted fur. Auburn and ginger markings stain his coat. His paw-pads and nose are a light tan.
       Physical problems ;; Due to an injury in the past, Aries has problems with his front right leg. The leg will often go weak, and he walks with a limp.
       Disability;; None.
       Mental;; Sane (normal).
       Wanted rank ;; Koa. I believe that is the warrior rank?
       Rank;; Currently he has no rank.
       Off-spring;; None that he knows of.
    This is what you’ve been waiting for.
    Here’s your chance to form your legacy.
    Here’s your chance to engrave your memory.
    This is what you’ve been dreaming of.
    Take a breath, close your eyes and dive in.
    Take a breath, close your eyes and dive in~


       Personality ;; (required; need three full sentences)
       Weaknesses ;; (required)
       Strengths ;; (required)
       Talents ;; (not required)
       Habits ;; (not required)
       History ;; (required; need three full sentences)
       Friends ;; N/A.
       Enemies ;; N/A.
       Crushes ;; N/A.
       Mate ;; N/A.
       Family ;; N/A.
    From the beginning we are destined for a higher cause.
    Our minds expanded how we planned it then we wrote the laws.
    Now it’s come to a decision and we’re drawing straws.
    Want to make our own conditions we’re technicians though we’re flawed~

    pack;;(required, remember to pick one you wan to be in)
       type;; (required, is your wolf a elemental, dire, etc)
       elements;; (required for elementals ONLY)
       power;; (required for Candisaumakua only)
       specialty;; (required for ‘Aumakuas ONLY)
       armor;;(not required can be bought in the shop)
       weapons;; (not required can be bought in the shop)
       accessories ;; (not required can be bought in the shop)
    Stand up stand up, it’s what you’re waiting for.
    This is everything you wanted. There is nothing more.
    Get up listen up, I got something to say.
    You said you’d make it anyway~

       theme song;; Stand Up by Exotype.

       .: OoC :.
    I found LotW by ;; Looking for Wolf RPs.
       The secret password is (read the rules and post the password here)

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