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We are a newly-recreated, friendly, and welcoming community mixed together by all wolf lovers and role-players. We are a free and teen-friendly site, open to ages 12+. 
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Which side will you choose? A war is coming, will you stand and fight? Or will you stay a lone wolf or rouge and let the pack-wolves meet their fate?

Land Of The Wolf, AKA Wolf Island has now entered spring! We are looking for members and role-play is happening around each pack.

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Year:1|Dawn|2 MPH winds
All the snow is gone, spring is almost over and summer is nearly here. The hot air has brung thunder storms to the area. Watch out for floods, and forest fires. There is no breeding but off-spring are still being born.

Pack News

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A young pup named Sebastian is in trouble! Will Trance or Kayden reach him in time before the fox attacks him?

Welcome the new Kahu's pups; SeaBreeze, Infinity, and Faith!

Alias has discovered Kol! His missing brother, and looks like Lithium and Alias are crushing on each other. c;

Gemini has found a lone wolf Nakali who is looking to join.

Sirese has discovered Silver.

A new kahu has taken charge of these lands, Katana is looking for new wolves to join her pack.

They are quiet as usual.

They are watching over us carefully.


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Land Of The Wolf

Land Of The Wolf

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    Post by Alias on Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:35 pm

    Well I thought it would be cool to have this thread for users like you to be able to use these words below in Role Play. This is an open thread so if you have any ideas post below! Reminder! This is NOT to be directed to anybody on the site outside of RP so if you do so you will receive a warning and or be banned.


    -Mutt / Mongrel / Scoundrel is a huge insult to mixed breeds. Normally it refers to as an insult for hybrids or half-bloods and is more insulting then if referred to a pure blooded wolf. Example, "Your a Mutt!" It is most common used by females to be said to males in arguments and is a harsh come back.

    -Runt / Scrap is a huge insult to anyone whom is smaller. It is more rude if referred to a small undersized male from the mouth of either gender. "You small pathetic little scrap!" Is rude and very insulting to the receiver. Runt is less rude and insulting since its more referred to as a pup.

    -Bastard is more referred to wolves who's parents were not mates and makes it a great insult. It can also be said to males but does little effect. Example; "Haha! Your a bastard and completely useless."

    -Bitch is used to refer to female wolves that are more aggressive, more of out of place aggression. Its more aggressive and more insulting if said to a male. Example; "You don't have to be a bitch about stuff!"

    -Ass / Rump is a huge insult to female wolves. Its more referred as they are only good for breeding. It also can be said to males but won't have the same reaction. Example; "Your only good for your rump!" Or "Your a huge ass!"

    -Hell is commonly used to say as if your going to hell. Example "Oh, go to hell!" Not as insulting since its more of a place then thing.

    -Floozy is another word for 'slut' it is used more on females then males. It is referred as that they sleep around with many other males (or females) and is very hurtful though its even more insulting if used on a male. Example; "What a floozy!"

    -Tramp Is a similar word for 'Floozy' or 'slut' only its referred more to males then females. It is very rude to either gender. Example;  "What a tramp!"

    -Wretch is another word for meaning a loner or a wolf whom sticks to himself. Example; "He/she's such a Wretch!"

    -Dog / Jackass is another word for male wolves meaning their rude or aggressive. Example; "Your a big Jackass!" or "What a dog!"

    -Idiot / Jerk Is a less insulting wordmeaning the wolf wasnt that smart at his choice. "Your an idiot for doing that!"


    -Once in a blue moon is a common saying for saying it happened a long time ago, "Once in a blue moon I did it."

    -Many fish in the sea is another common saying that could help cheer up another after a heart-break.

    Friendly Chat / Lover Tallk

    -Doofus / Loon / Goofball is a friendly or lover talk. "Your a big goofball!" Its more of a friendly way to two lovers or close friends

    -Love is more commonly used my males. Its very flirty and sweet in other words its more used to a desired one, "Don't worry, love."

    -Underdog is referred as a scrap that did something beyond thought that was amazing and almost hero like. "Your my underdog" More for lovers but can be used for friends.

    If you have other ideas please feel free to post below to let us know!

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