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Welcome To Land Of The Wolf!
We are a newly-recreated, friendly, and welcoming community mixed together by all wolf lovers and role-players. We are a free and teen-friendly site, open to ages 12+. 
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Land Of The Wolf is now looking for Members!
~LotW Staff
Please do not steal our work! Have fun!

Which side will you choose? A war is coming, will you stand and fight? Or will you stay a lone wolf or rouge and let the pack-wolves meet their fate?

Land Of The Wolf, AKA Wolf Island has now entered spring! We are looking for members and role-play is happening around each pack.

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Season / Weather

| J U L Y - A U G U S T |

Year:1|Dawn|2 MPH winds
All the snow is gone, spring is almost over and summer is nearly here. The hot air has brung thunder storms to the area. Watch out for floods, and forest fires. There is no breeding but off-spring are still being born.

Pack News

| P A C K - N E W S |

A young pup named Sebastian is in trouble! Will Trance or Kayden reach him in time before the fox attacks him?

Welcome the new Kahu's pups; SeaBreeze, Infinity, and Faith!

Alias has discovered Kol! His missing brother, and looks like Lithium and Alias are crushing on each other. c;

Gemini has found a lone wolf Nakali who is looking to join.

Sirese has discovered Silver.

A new kahu has taken charge of these lands, Katana is looking for new wolves to join her pack.

They are quiet as usual.

They are watching over us carefully.


| S I T E - O T M ' S |

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Land Of The Wolf

Land Of The Wolf

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Land Of The Wolf Land Of The Wolf
Land Of The Wolf Land Of The Wolf

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    Post by Ocean on Wed May 07, 2014 12:36 pm

    I know this guide may seem pointless but it is vital into a new system of RPing we have recently have added to the site.Here you can read through some of the meanings behind some of the things you may find in a thread title and how our new system works.

    1. You will find that some thread titles will contain certain words,letters or names at the end of the title. Theses represent who they want to post in the thread or if it is a private thread to certain group of people who have been invited.Things like:
    {P} = private to a certain person(s) No access unless invited.

    [Name] = Placing a username(s) at the end of a thread means only a certain person(s) can join. Cannot invite other people than the ones in the thread names.

    [Open] = Open to anyone who is allowed to post in the place where the thread has been posted. Cannot close it off to anyone personally once the thread has been posted.

    [Closed] = This can only be added by an admin or mod after a thread has been finished, not needed any more or if the creator of an open thread decides to close an open thread they posted.

    [SP] = The site plot is the main thread that comes around every so often. It will be part of the main plot of the site. More detail to come on this.2. Threads can be posted by anyone except from SP threads which will only be posted by Staff and there will be one going at a time. At no points should a member post until a staff member has instructed so.(This is a temporary 'rule' until things are set in stone with the other staff members.)

    2. Please notify a staff member when you would like your thread to be closed and deleted. We would like to keep boards clear but we will not touch any thread unless we are told to delete it by the thread creator. With this rule comes the agreement with any other people in the thread that is about to be deleted. We need this so that we can fully make sure no members wants to carry on with the thread.

    5. Staff members reserve the right to stop any thread that goes against any of the site rules. The thread will be automatically deleted and the person who committed the crime will be given their punishment. The severity depending on the rule broken.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to ask any of the staff members!

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