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Which side will you choose? A war is coming, will you stand and fight? Or will you stay a lone wolf or rouge and let the pack-wolves meet their fate?

Land Of The Wolf, AKA Wolf Island has now entered spring! We are looking for members and role-play is happening around each pack.

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Season / Weather

| J U L Y - A U G U S T |

Year:1|Dawn|2 MPH winds
All the snow is gone, spring is almost over and summer is nearly here. The hot air has brung thunder storms to the area. Watch out for floods, and forest fires. There is no breeding but off-spring are still being born.

Pack News

| P A C K - N E W S |

A young pup named Sebastian is in trouble! Will Trance or Kayden reach him in time before the fox attacks him?

Welcome the new Kahu's pups; SeaBreeze, Infinity, and Faith!

Alias has discovered Kol! His missing brother, and looks like Lithium and Alias are crushing on each other. c;

Gemini has found a lone wolf Nakali who is looking to join.

Sirese has discovered Silver.

A new kahu has taken charge of these lands, Katana is looking for new wolves to join her pack.

They are quiet as usual.

They are watching over us carefully.


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Land Of The Wolf

Land Of The Wolf

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    Herbs with Pictures

    Herb Guide Bore10
    Borage Leaves: To be chewed and eaten. The plant can be disinguished by its small blue or pink star shaped- flowers and hairy leaves. Great for nursing She-wolves as it helps increase their supply of milk. Also brings down fever.

    Herb Guide Bore11
    Burdock Root: A tall-stemmed, sharp- smelling thistle with dark leaves. A Kōkua must dig up the roots, wash off the dirt, and chew them into a pulp, which can be applied to rat bites, cures infection.

    Herb Guide Bore12
    Catmint: A Delicious-smelling, leafy
    plant thats hard to find in the wild; often found in growing in watery areas. The best remedy for a caugh.

    Herb Guide Bore13
    Chevil: A sweet-smelling plant with large, spreading, fern like leaves & small white flowers. The juice of the leaves can be used for infected wounds, and chewing the roots help with bellyaches.

    Herb Guide Cob10
    Cobwebs: Spiderwebs can be found all over the forest; becareful not to bring the spider when you take the web! Kōkua's wrap it around an injury to soak up the blood and keep the wound clean. Stops bleeding.

    Herb Guide Bore14
    Coltsfoot: A flowering plant, a bit like a dandelion, with yellow or white flowers. The leaves can be chewed into a pulp, witch is eaten to help with shortness of breath.

    Herb Guide Bore15
    Comfrey: Identifiable by its large leaves and small bell-shaped flowers, witch can be pink, white, or purple. The fat black roots of this plant can be chewed into a poultice to mend broken bones or soothe wounds. [/i]

    Herb Guide Dock10
    Dock: A plant similar to sorrel. The leaf can be chewed up and applied to soothe scratches.

    Herb Guide Cob11
    Dried Oak Leaf: Collected in the autumn and stored in a dry place. Stops infection.

    Herb Guide Cob12
    Feverfew:A small bush with flowers like daisies. The leaves can be eaten to cool down body temperature, particulary for wolves with fevers or chills.

    Herb Guide Cob13
    Goldenrod: A tall plant with bright yellow flower. A poultice of this is terrific for healing wounds.

    Herb Guide Honey10
    Honey: A sweet, golden liquid created by bees. Difficult to collect without getting stun, but great for soothing infections or the throats of wolves who have breathed in smoke.

    Herb Guide Horse10
    Horsetail: A tall plant with bristly stems and that grows in marshy areas. The leaves can be used to treat infected wounds. Usually chewed up and applied as a poultice.

    Herb Guide Jumper10
    Juniper berries: A bush with spiky dark leaves and purple berries. The berries soothe bellyaches and help wolves who are having trouble breathing.

    Herb Guide Lovely10
    Lavender: A small purple flower. Cures fever and helps wolves whom are in shock or hyperventilating from a traumatic experience.

    Herb Guide Gold10
    Marigold: A bright orange or yellow flower that grows low to the ground. The petals or leaves can be chewed into a pulp and applied as a poultice to wounds. Stops infection.

    Mouse bile: A bad-smelling liquid that is the only remedy for ticks. Dab a little moss soaked in bile on a tick and it'll fall right off. wash paws throughly in running water afterwards.

    Herb Guide Pop10
    Poppy seeds: Small black seeds shaken from a dried poppy flower, these are fed to wolves to help them sleep, soothes wolves suffering from shock or distress. Not recommended for nursing she-wolves.

    Herb Guide Sting10
    Stinging nettle: The spiny green seeds can be administered to a wolf who's swallowed poison, while the leaves can be applied to a wound to bring down swelling.

    Herb Guide Tan10
    Tansy: A strong-smelling plant with round yellow flowers. Good for curing caughs, but must be eaten in small doses.

    Herb Guide Thy10
    Thyme: This herb can be eaten to calm anxiety and frayed nerves.

    Herb Guide Water11
    Watermint: A leafy green plant found in streams or damp earth. Usually chewed into a pulp and then fed to a wolf suffering bellyache.

    Herb Guide Yo10
    Wild garlic: Rolling in a patch or wild garlic can help prevent infection, especially for dangerous wounds like rat bites.

    Herb Guide Yarrow10
    Yarrow: A flowering plant whose leaves can be made into a poultice and applied to wounds or scratches to expel poison.

    Herb Guide Death11
    Deathberries: Red berries that can be fatally poisonous to pups and elders. They are not a MEDICINE. BEWARE!

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